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Play GBA games on DSi

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NO$GBA (NoCash GBA) is a GBA and Nintendo DS roms emulator for Microsoft Windows and MS-DOS. It supports most NDS homebrew home made freeware games, and a majority of commercial DS ROMs. NO$GBA includes a variety of options for emulation, including multiple save types, and multiple cartridge reading. It is able to load 2 or more NDS ROM files for the purpose of multiplayer functions. However some options such as save states haven't been implemented yet and the DS BIOS is needed to play games. Bios has to be downloaded separately because it is copyrighted by Nintendo and so NDS bios is not legal to distribute.

Installation notes,
unzip the no$gba package into a new/blank folder (or into your existing
no$gba folder when installing an update) and start the no$gba.exe file.
For more info about additional files see built-in help. The program should
work (slowly) on any 80386SX (and up).


no$gba will eventually create some files and subdirectories in the no$gba
folder, aside from that it does not create or modify other files/registry
settings (except nocashio, see below). If no longer needed, just delete the
no$gba folder with all files/folders in it.

Pokemon emulator download games and play on Android and iOS devices.

playstation 1 iso


About Nintendo DS Emulator1

NDS emulators are PC programs that allows you to run NDS ROMS = that is backup DS Video Game on a computer with Windows or Linux.

Free iDeaS DS Emulator for Windows. Rating: 6.6
Ensata NDS roms emu for Windows XP Rating 6.5
Dualis Nintendo DS emulator Windows. Rating: 6.4
No$GBA Emulator Download version 2.7 and 2.8

New version of the iDeaS Emulator ( has been released with many improvements and more commercial game roms now working on it! Zoo Keeper - some glitchy screens, others playable. Space Invaders Revolution - some glitchy screens, others playable. Dig Dug - digging strike some glitchy screens, playable but slow. Madden NFL 2006 - crashes on main gameplay. Games like Mario Kart DS, Nintendogs and Castlevania are still unplayable.

more at about DS emulators at

Play NDS ROMs from SD Flash Cartridge1

NDS roms flash cardWith an R4DS Adapter you can use microSD cards to store NDS game backups (NDS ROMs) and play them on NDS or DSi consoles for free. What you need is:

  1. Nintendo DS Roms (nds roms)
    - can download them from the internet or make a backup of the carts you have
  2. microSD card
    - any size from 64MB up to 32GB will work
  3. R4DS adapter
    - there are many brands on the market. I would suggest DSTWO as it can also emulate GBA games that other R4 cards can not, but if you just need a good cheap card for playing nds roms get R4 SDHC or AceKard 2i !


Nintendo DS Emulators1

MoonShell supports:

MP3 music file layback on Nintendo DS (no converting necesary)
Jpeg/BMP/PNG/GIF image file and TXT - text files Viewing

Info from this release:Interchangeability concerning PassMe/FlashMe has been improved.
When the cover cap was shut, PowerLED was blinked.
WavePlugin was supported. (Only no compression LinerPCM.)
SPCPlugin was speed-up.

Various points of DPGPlugin and dpgenc were corrected.
M3SD was supported and detected automatically.
SCSD automatic detection routine has been improved.
The file reading bug was corrected, and MODPlugin/GIFPlugin etc was corrected.

The window memory was dynamically allocated. unused memory is liberated.
When the still picture was displayed, it was possible to zoom and reduce with X/Y button. (65%~800%)

When the music reproduction ends, power supply OFF can be done.
Going up to 400% of the volumes other than movie can be done.
The problem misjudged to CrashMe (DS Bricker) by the virus checker might be able to be evaded.

Nintendogs roms that you have can be played from a flash card like NDS NeoFlash, SuperCard DS, M3 perfect SD-Adapter, G6 Flash, GBA X-ROM and there are many more. So the ROMS are working back on the real hardware with a DS backup kit - that is why people share them

Download free Nintendo DS ROMS at website =>
Castlevania Down of Sorrow ROM, Resident Evil Deadly Silence, Biohazard 2006 DBZ, Dragonball Z Supersonic rom Sims 2 DeSmuME DeSemuME

Infantile Paralysiser have released a new version of their Moonshell App, heres more info:

Buy R4 DS DSi cards

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Contact Information:

Email : Nintendogs at
Phone : NintendoDS 2 Address :

playstation 1 iso