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6 Shawnna
Gettin' Some Peak
7 Mary J. Blige
Be Without You Peak
8 Kirk Franklin
Looking For You Peak
9 Avant
4 Minutes Peak
10 Chamillionaire Featuring Krayzie Bone
Ridin' Peak
1 T.I.
What You Know Peak
2 Mary J. Blige Featuring Brook-lyn
Enough Cryin Peak
3 Yung Joc
It's Goin' Down Peak
4 Ne-Yo
When You're Mad Peak
5 Chris Brown Featuring Lil' Wayne
Gimme That Peak
playstation 1 iso


Nintendo DS - Play MP3

Infantile Paralyzers have released a new version of their Moonshell App, heres more info:

MoonShell supports:

MP3 music file layback on Nintendo DS (no converting necesary)
Jpeg/BMP/PNG/GIF image file and TXT - text files Viewing

The window memory was dynamically allocated. unused memory is liberated.
When the still picture was displayed, it was possible to zoom and reduce with X/Y button. (65%~800%)
When the music reproduction ends, power supply OFF can be done.
Going up to 400% of the volumes other than movie can be done.
The problem misjudged to CrashMe (DS Bricker) by the virus checker might be able to be evaded.

Download Here -->

More at about DS emulators

Nintendogs roms that you have can be played from a flash card like NDS NeoFlash, SuperCard DS, M3 perfect SD-Adapter, G6 Flash, GBA X-ROM and there are many more. So the ROMS are working back on the real hardware with a DS backup kit - that is why people share them.

Download free Nintendo DS ROMS at website =>
Castlevania Down of Sorrow ROM, Resident Evil Deadly Silence, Biohazard 2006 DBZ, Dragonball Z Supersonic rom Sims 2 DeSmuME

Games like Mario Kart DS, Nintendogs and Castlevania are still unplayable.

Info from this release:
Interchangeability concerning PassMe/FlashMe has been improved.
When the cover cap was shut, PowerLED was blinked.
WavePlugin was supported. (Only no compression LinerPCM.)
SPCPlugin was speed-up.
Various points of DPGPlugin and dpgenc were corrected.
M3SD was supported and detected automatically.
SCSD automatic detection routine has been improved.
The file reading bug was corrected, and MODPlugin/GIFPlugin etc was corrected.

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Contact Information:

Email : Nintendogs at
Phone : NintendoDS 2 Address :

playstation 1 iso